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Installing Composer Packages from the blog

I have been putting together a new talk about Composer, and that means looking around the community, doing loads of research and trying to identify the items that need to be covered in a talk. Mostly I have been trying to identify things that people do on a regular basis that according to composer internals […] published 10 months ago, read more.

J and Beyond 2014: An Overview from the blog

The past weekend marked a very important moment for me. After almost a year on the sidelines dealing with personal matters, I finally had the opportunity to go talk to and teach another community. I was invited by Brian Teeman (@brianteeman) to go keynote at J and Beyond, an annual Joomla Conference focused on their [&... published 1 year ago, read more.

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Fix That Code

Website to display coding horrors and how to fix them



Library that offers Input Filtering based on Annotations for use with Objects. Part of the DMS Component Library.



DMS Twig Extension Bundle, leverages Fabien Potencier's extra twig extensions for your Symfony2 website.

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