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J and Beyond 2014: An Overview from the blog

The past weekend marked a very important moment for me. After almost a year on the sidelines dealing with personal matters, I finally had the opportunity to go talk to and teach another community. I was invited by Brian Teeman (@brianteeman) to go keynote at J and Beyond, an annual Joomla Conference focused on their [&... published 2 months ago, read more.

DMS\Filter v2.0 from the blog

I have completed the release of the DMS\Filter Package, this includes: DMS Filter Library DMS Filter Bundle, that integrates all filtering capabilities in Symfony. This release includes some new features and a huge overwrite of the filters. Independent Repositories The first big change was a proper split of the repositories,... published 4 months ago, read more.

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Meetup API Client

Meetup API Client

A wrapper for the Meetup API powered by Guzzle.



Provides a FilterService in Symfony2 to allow users to implement input filtering in entities using Annotations. Uses DMS\Filter component.

DMS Library

DMS Library

A component library for PHP. It contains various components and Symfony 2 Bundles that are useful for everyday development.

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