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It’s the end of another year and the beginning of a new one. A time to look back at what you have done and make crazy promises about what you will do during this next year. Admit it, you are doing it already, looking at your list from 2013 and trying to figure out if you did alright or not. Well, no use crying over spilt... published 2 months ago, read more.

Using Git Hooks to delegate routine tasks from the blog

My team currently uses GitHub as the center of our development process, taking full advantage of Pull Requests and all that. That means we use git and our process is to always develop using feature-branches, making PRs for each feature and then merging them in after code review. This means we switch branches a lot, [&h... published 5 months ago, read more.

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Library that offers Input Filtering based on Annotations for use with Objects. Part of the DMS Component Library.

DMS Library

DMS Library

A component library for PHP. It contains various components and Symfony 2 Bundles that are useful for everyday development.



Provides a FilterService in Symfony2 to allow users to implement input filtering in entities using Annotations. Uses DMS\Filter component.

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