Seven Things you might not know about me

Cool, I think this is my first English meme/tag, so let’s go.

This one has been making rounds on the PHP Community, and for some weird reason Ben Ramsey elected me to a spot on that list. So here goes, let me dig deep into my past and bring up some weird and unknown stuff.

I was also tagged by Luke Crouch

  1. I played Basketball in High School. Before I became this “slight” overweight programmer, I was a lean basketball machine for 3 years straight in my High School in Brazil – Mackenzie.
  2. I’m a apprentice Globe Wanderer. I have lived in 3 states in Brazil (DF, RS and SP) and in 3 countries, Brazil (most of my life), Germany (the early years 1-3) and St. Lucia in the Caribbean (where I learnt english and basketball, from 12 to 16)
  3. At some point my nickname became White Mike. Yeah.. that was during my St. Lucia years, but I was never sure if it carried a sarcastic weight or admiration…. I guess both.
  4. My first program was written in GBASIC. Ok, it was a copy paste from a magazine to write up a “lookup dictionary” for the collection (it was called Descobrir), from there I dabbled in Pascal, C and Java in university, and finally PHP in my first job. Oh… and my first shot at a programmed website was using Coldfusion (sorry.. sorry!)…
  5. Back home I was the Pizza Guy. Back in Brasília, DF before I moved here to São Paulo I enjoyed getting everyone together for Pizzas. I had a brick pizza oven and I was the official pizza operator, man.. i miss those days.. and those pizzas!
  6. I’m a mutating dictionary. I have a knack for creating new words and getting a hard time for doing so, especially from my Wife who does not miss the opportunity to point out my mistake and make fun of me.
  7. I met my wife do to Vodka and the Internet. Two of men’s best inventions got me married, vodka to get her drunk and the Internet so she could find me on fotolog and add me on MSN. Also we had our first kiss during a play of Disney’s Songs, the background music was The little Mermaid’s “Kiss the Girl” song… hey… I was just following orders :)

So now I have to tag some new guys, let me hit up a few friends and also try to spread this inside Brazil

  • Augusto Pascutti - Co-founder of the PHPSP group and someone who looks like he has a few surprises
  • Guilherme Blanco - who need to blog a little more between solving bugs in Doctrine
  • Adler Medrado - old buddy from PHPDF
  • Ivo Nascimento - cause if the guy is using PHP in neural systems… he must have some cool things we should know about
  • Chris Jones - Who I met in ZendCon and has been in Brazil for a visit recently
  • Marcelo Araujo - if he has a sober minute to do this
  • Chester - the weirdest guy I know that does not scare me

Rules are simple guys:

  • Link your original tagger(s), and list these rules on your blog.
  • Share seven facts about yourself in the post—some random, some weird.
  • Tag seven people at the end of your post by leaving their names and the links to their blogs.
  • Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blogs and/or Twitter.
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