Need a Lead? Here's my story.

After 2,5 years working with Symbid, our paths must now diverge. After having contributed as a partner company and then joined to build the in-house development team that would later form the base of Symbid’s Product Development team, and finally push it over into a fintech company, sadly we part ways before achieving our long dreamed and much schemed plans.

As is the lifetime of disruptive startups, sometimes there’s a will and a way but not enough resources to make the plan into concrete products. This is, from a 10,000 foot view and as much as I can share, the outcome of our hard work at Symbid. We achieved amazing things and built an extraordinary team over these years but were cut short of rolling out most of the exciting developments.

So as of today, I’m available to help other companies build amazing teams and release cool new products. If your company is in need of a Technical Lead with experience in many markets and a passion for growing teams and producing quality software, please drop by my LinkedIn profile to see more details, or email me at [email protected] , and let’s chat about how I can help your company and your team achieve both.

But that is not all, our unique situation also allows me to suggest even more. Many companies are in the process of hiring and building new teams, we all know that this takes effort and time, to get a team in sync and working like a well oiled machine. If this is where your company is at, I can offer you a chance to talk to our entire team, a complete team from backend and frontend developers to UX Experts, Product Owners, and Product Managers. If you want to kickstart your in-house team, we can offer you a fully integrated team that is ready to start building your visions and get your plans off paper. Please also reach out to me at [email protected] if this sounds like an opportunity for you.

What did I do at Symbid?

At Symbid I operated as the Technical Lead Developer. From my early days as “developer #1” my work revolved around converting business value into software feature, determining the best architecture and technologies to achieve goals and integrating our many partner systems. As we expanded into a Product Development team I also took on the responsibility of managing the developers, defining work practices, creating tooling to support our flow and team, as well as mentoring and guiding developers to achieve more of their potential. Over the last year I also had the chance to design a microservices infrastructure that would join all pieces of Symbid’s “Funding Network” and partner software, as well as migrate all our code to PHP 7.

I’m a lover of innovative and clean code, bringing many new ideas to our code base with concepts of DDD, TDD and strategies like CQRS and Command Buses, as well as many other technology and concepts currently under research and evaluation. I’m also a mentor and teacher at heart, so I love being able to bring some of what I do at AmsterdamPHP into the workplace, mentoring and growing our developers, pushing them towards leveling up their code as well as exposing them to the concept of community which I’m quite fond of.

What am I looking for?

I love building products, especially long running products that have a vision that aims at making the world a better place. Sounds corny but I love being able to leave a mark in the future of society through my tool set of technology. I also love iterations, being able to refine software over longer periods, redesign, refactor and improve constantly, which is why I love long running products and not the quick turn around of the web agency style of work.

This is also where I feel my skills are of more use. Companies that are involved in the local community and giving back to OSS get a big bag of bonus points. I do enjoy running UGs and spreading technology at various conferences, as a speaker or attendee, so I do expect my company to see the value in that and support my efforts. Give me that much and I’ll spread the love to every person I see and make sure I’m bringing back to the company as much ideas and knowledge as I can to take us even further.

I love leading teams technically and building/planning systems to solve the problems your company is aiming at. If possible I prefer focusing on the tech side of things and not so much on the HR part of that, I’ll mentor and help developers plan their careers, but I’m not so good at managing their vacation days.

If any of this, sounds like what your company needs please tell me about your vision and your needs, I would love to be a piece in that puzzle.

Above all of this, the team we have built at Symbid is close to my heart and we are all out there looking for a new challenge, any chance I have to keep them together will be the best outcome I can imagine.

Look me up on Linkedin: Email me at: [email protected]

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