Annotating with Annotations

What exactly are annotations? How can they change the way you code and make life simpler? Annotations allow you to implement new functionality into code using “notes” this allows you to easily maintain your own architecture but benefit from external tools. Let’s look at how annotations are used today in PHP and how we can develop our own solutions based on the existing libraries.


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The DMSTwigExtensionBundle

The DMSTwigExtensionBundle

  • November 30, 2012

When I started using Symfony one of the aspects that really caught my eye was Twig, it really got me back into using a template engine and I don’t think i can ever go back to mixing my HTML and PHP again.

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AJAX: What is it?

AJAX: What is it?

  • October 12, 2006

Author’s note: This article was first published in my AJAX Column ( ) in Portuguese where my intended audience is a group of beginners learning about the AJAX initiative. Since it turned out to be a really interesting article I decided to translate it and share it with a wider audience.

I wondered where I should begin explaining AJAX and finally decided I should begin explaining what’s behind it and how it came around, so everyone knows where we are coming from.

Ajax, web 2.0, RSS, if you’ve never heard any of these terms than something is wrong, you are either way behind in web technologies or not serious enough about web development. The concept of Web 2.0 is what we may call the “father” of the latest trends in web applications, where various technologies are used to improve the user’s experience, but what is the concept?

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PHPT: Writing tests for PHP

PHPT: Writing tests for PHP

  • August 23, 2009

This year the PHP Community promoted the PHPTestFest in various places around the globe and it was a success. I participated in the event promoted by the PHPSP UG which ended up as the team with the most committed tests, after participating in the event I kept on going and have since obtained a SVN account and karma to be a official test commiter to PHP. So if you did not get the chance to learn how to write tests in your local TestFest I will now go over the steps taken so you can be ready for next year.

PHPT is a extremely simple test framework designed to test PHP. Its atomic nature and independent test execution make it perfect for the kind of tests needed, so tests can be really focused and test specific function and/or bugs.

What do I need to know?

The beauty about PHPT is that you need to know very little other than writing PHP code. A little knowledge into the inner workings of PHP will of course help you in finding areas of code that need testing, and how best to test them, but just knowing PHP is enough to start.

I have divided this post into 5 parts so we can get started:

  1. Preparing the Environment
  2. Choosing what to test
  3. Writing a test
  4. Executing a test
  5. Submitting a test to PHP

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